Hendra Virus



Hendra is a zoonotic disease, which can be passed on from horses to humans. The host of Hendra is the Flying Fox, which transmits the disease through bodily fluids or excretions. This can be passed onto horses if their food or water becomes contaminated. Hendra can then be passed on to humans through respiratory secretions and contact with the blood of an infected horse. It can spread from an infected horse before showing any signs of having it. No person has so far caught this virus off another infected person. Of the 7 infected people to date, 4 have died.


Symptoms include:

Sudden fever 
increased heart rate
Respiratory problems
Frothy or bloody nasal discharge
A high or low temperature
Colic symptoms
Staggering or any nervous symptoms.



Isolate sick horses
Protect horse food and water from contamination
Cover any cuts or scratches before dealing with a sick horse
Maintain good hygiene when in contact with horses
Wash and dry hands thoroughly
Wear protective gear when dealing with sick horses-overalls, gloves, boots, facemask, eye protection and clean any materials immediately after use


Vaccines that are available:

Equivac HeV vaccine
 – Can only be given by a qualified veterinarian
If you are concerned your horse has Hendra, contact your local veterinarian immediately.

The phone number for Creeklands Vet Surgery is 0267712899.

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